Organization Board Team Support
General Manager
Robert 'Porky' Bowman

Asst. General Manager
Justin Pence

Randy Jones

Kim Ryman

R.W. 'Porky' Bowman, Jr.

Justin Pence

Max Hutton

Randy Jones

Kim Ryman

Jerry Walters

Terry Kibler

R. W. Bowman III

Larry Beasley

Sam Taff
Jamie Pence - Host Family Corrdinator
Brandi Sheetz - Host Family Corrdinator
Marsha Bowman - Merchandise
Cyrene Ryan - Merchandise
Sam Taff - Public Address Announcer
Bobby Ryan - Scoreboard Operator
Aaron Taff - Scoreboard Operator
Craig Orndorff - Webcast
Will Pence - Scorekeeper
R. W. Bowman III - Scorekeeper
Bill Shipp - Advertising/Sponsors
Mark Getz - Website
Toyna Harris - Bus Driver
Kyle Gutshall - Facebook / Twitter

Fan Advisory Board

Bill Didawick
Ford Dysart
Ralph Ritter
Bill Shipp
Bill Shrum

Mission Statement

Woodstock - Edinburg Community Baseball, Inc. shall be a nonprofit corporation, dedicated to serving the communities of Woodstock and Edinburg, Virginia, by fostering and promoting youth baseball and softball, good sportsmanship, education, and civic responsibility. It is the desire of the corporation to function as much as possible with volunteers, not only to minimize expenses, but to demonstrate to the youth of the communities a spirit of working together, for the good of the entire area, in activities enjoyable by both men and women, young and old.

The organization will work to set up and operate clinics and day camps for boys and girls teaching the basic skills of the game, emphasizing sportsmanship and fair play, and providing opportunities for kids to advance their skills in particular areas as desired.

Woodstock - Edinburg Community Baseball, Inc. will own and operate a nonprofit summer collegiate wooden bat team, consistent with NCAA rules and regulations. The players shall be active college baseball players with NCAA eligibility remaining. Players will aid in the goals and ideals of the corporation by participating in and assisting in the clinics for young players, stressing the importance of sportsmanship and education. Reading days will be scheduled at local locations where children can interact with and read with the college players. The players will serve the community by visiting nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and interacting with fans as they attend the baseball games. The players will also honor Veterans, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMT's during special nights throughout the season.

While making a profit is not the goal of the Corporation, after paying the expenses of the team such as uniforms, equipment, insurance, transportation, etc., any profits derived shall be distributed to Woodstock - Edinburg Little League, Inc., for baseball and softball, to Central High School, for its baseball and softball programs or any other baseball/softball related non-profit organization. Discounted tickets will be available for youth and seniors, local business will be encouraged to participate in supporting the team and the community, and events shall be held to allow local business and the Chamber of Commerce to expose local residents and visitors to the local businesses.